“Literacy Squared® is a comprehensive biliteracy model that has been designed to accelerate the development of biliteracy in Spanish-English speaking children attending schools in the U.S. The Literacy Squared model is both research-based and research-tested. Its conceptual framework draws on research positing that a dire need exists for a new theory about literacy instruction for bilingual children (Bernhardt, 2003; Grant & Wong, 2003), and that second language literacy acquisition is greatly enhanced if learners are literate in their first language (August & Shanahan, 2006).

The mission of Literacy Squared® is to further the development of instructional programs and practices that develop bilingualism/biliteracy in Spanish and English while concomitantly developing the assessment tools and research base to support the academic legitimacy of biliteracy development in the U.S. Biliteracy is a higher form of literacy than monoliteracy.”

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